Author: William Houser

  • 04 – Self-Hosting

    This week we start what we imagine will be a series on self-hosting. We go over some of the stuff we self-host and the methods we use. Norbert starts his journey in self-hosting where he describes the Nextcloud instance he recently built.

  • 03 – Our Future, In A Container

    This week we get into a bit of a discussion about where we are, and where we were - How much Linux has evolved and changed over the years, and perhaps how much it hasn't. We get into packaging, and containerization and such. And a whole lot more!

  • 02 – The Apt Contention

    This week we get into a discussion about Canonical possibly adding messages to the terminal when running apt. Conversations evolve into stuff like ChatGPT and a lot more!

  • 01 – The Maiden Voyage

    Our first installment of the Linux "Off The Cuff" series. In this episode we go off the rails about the future of technology, some predictions for 2023, and a whole lot more!

  • Episode 00 – Placeholder

    This is just a quick, placeholder bit of audio to get the RSS feed started. New episodes will drop soon!