• 29 – Endeavour to Fail

    This week we start out on Majid's not so great experience with Endeavour OS. This spirals out of control into a back and forth with Bill dying on the Arch Linux hill. We have discussions about Snaps, Flatpaks, Atomic Desktops, and a whole lot more!

  • 28 – Crypto Euphoria

    Cryptocurrency, Block Chain, and the problems inherent to funding in Opensource. We solve the world's problems in one hour or less!

  • Announcement 4/19/24

    This is just an announcement about some changes to the way we deliver the episodes

  • 27 – A Hot Mess

    I ain't gonna lie folks - this one's a train wreck, and you'll see for your self. We did get into a pretty cool conversation about game emulation. Bill ordered one of those little Linux based personal game pads which comes pre-installed with a staggering number of games. That erodes into a back and forth about stuff like D&D as well as Magic The Gathering. As the title suggests, it's a hot mess, but we had a lot of fun none the less. We were happy to see the return of Eric to the fold. Oh and…yea - Majid had a toothache. Fun times!

  • 26 – Kool Runnings

    Bill, Leo, and Majid get into first impressions of KDE Plasma 6. That conversation. We talk a little about the best (in our opinion) launchers for Linux desktops. We talk a little about our memories of Windows Vista, 7, and 8. Leo, and Majid hash it out over touchpad gestures. We get into an article on OMG Ubuntu about UXPlay, a tool for mirroring iOS on Linux. Bill talks a little about Xbox cloud gaming. We round it all off talking about music streaming platforms. All of this and lots more!