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  • 22 – Truckloads of Linux

    It's just Eric and Bill for this one. From tech used in the trucking industry to a discussion about packaging formats and the culture around distributions like Arch Linux, this episode is all over the place. We had a good time though!

  • 21 – Linux Is A Mind-Altering Drug

    This week we get into the fun and frustrations of audio editing. We discuss some of the strategies and pitfalls specific to editing podcasts. That conversation somehow segways into mobile devices, AI, and other emerging technologies. All of that, and a whole lot more!

  • 20 – Arcade Weirdos

    VR, iphones, Retro games, and our decaying interest in Marvel movies. All of this and a whole lot more!

  • 19 – Eric Has The Touch

    This week we get into Majid's Feren OS. We talk a little about Plasma on Wayland. We reminisce about Windows Phone, and Blackberry. We go off the rails about Fedora, Gnome and the like. All of this as well as the usual banter!

  • 18 – Make it Snappy

    It's Bill, Eric, and Leo this week. We get into some ideas about how to improve our Linux podcasts. We get into a a discussion about Snaps, the AUR, Markdown editors, and so much more!