01 – The Maiden Voyage

Our first installment of the Linux “Off The Cuff” series. In this episode we go off the rails about the future of technology, some predictions for 2023, and a whole lot more!

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  1. Anonymous

    I was really glad when I heard that there would be a new linux podcast. I have been listening to mintcast for about 3 years now. When Leo left mintcast the road became a bit rocky. Lately I can feel the tension between members so I was not surprised when a fork was started. It must be exhausting being corrected for every little oversight or missed detail.
    I wish you the best of luck on your new adventure and look forward to hearing 3 dudes ramble on about linux.
    Looking forward to the new episode.


    • William Houser

      Thank you for your comment! I must say it gives me joy to see someone experiencing the show so early on. I was sure it would be sometime before anyone even knew the show existed. Mint cast is of course a rather unique show given its length and how long it’s been around. I’m very proud to be a part of the show, and I will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. To be honest – I am happy to have a far more informal format with this show. For personality types like ours, it’s nice to have more freedom to venture off to different tangents. Mint cast is as I’ve said before one of the oldest most venerable Linux podcasts out there, so I don’t push for seismic changes, instead I thought something new might be in order. Please let us know what you think of the episodes in the future. Let us know if you have any idea for topics you’d like us to discuss. Right now to the best of my knowledge the only social media we have set up is our discord channel so if you’re into that kind of thing go check us out. It’d be nice to get a little traction going on there. Anyway – thanks again talk to you soon!


      • Mr. Fields

        I also was exited to here about this new show. You can imagine my let down when I here you talking politics on your podcast and placing assumptions about humans who have different opinions than you. That is very bad way to start out. By the way, I’ve been all around the world and have friends of all nationalities and colors and I am still a conservative. At least Norbert had the respect to remain silent during this awkward exchange. I will not dignify the exchange by explaining what most normal people have a problem with college education but if you want me to come on to the show to discuss it let me know. I let it go by saying that you’re prejudice not good. Try harder to be good humans please.

    • William Houser

      Mr. Fields,

      Thank you for your feedback. Sorry your comments didn’t get posted sooner. By default, WordPress holds back comments for review. On mintCast I have the comments set to automatically post. I just haven’t enabled that yet. I am a truck driver by trade, as such I don’t always see these things for several days. Again, I apologize for the frustration.

      So first off, I really meant to cut out the political parts. I was successful in removing another portion of the conversation closer to the beginning. This was a topic of conversation early on, and Leo was actually disappointed that I didn’t get all the political stuff out. My time is short, so admittedly some parts that should have been omitted were included. Please believe me when I tell you how much I regret getting off on that tangent. I work in a rough and tumble world where people have very few filters in place to protect against saying the wrong thing. I love coming on and talking about Linux, and Opensource. I have friends on both sides of the issues that seem to separate us so much. The guys and I have agreed to avoid the conversations that head off to the political direction in the future. We will work harder to maintain sensitivity and avoid prejudice.

      All of that being said, I really want to be sure and drive home that we are not professional broadcasters, as such we aren’t trained to be keenly aware of the things that may cause frustration. So, please forgive us if we make the occasional lapse in judgement. I for one admit I have a lot to learn.

      At any rate, thank you for the feedback. I really hope to hear from you regularly as we move forward.



  2. Mr. Fields

    Bill, I was so excited to hear about you teaming up with Leo and Norbert to do this show. I have enjoyed listening to all of you over the years. I realize that we all have difference of opinions on different slices of life, but I know we all agree that Linux is awesome. I try to escape all the political stuff and just concentrate on Linux and few other subjects. I also apologize if I came of too strong. I just like my Linux plain and non controversial via politics. Again, I cannot say enough good things about the jobs you are doing. I look forward to more episodes and I also look forward to sharing your podcast to as many people as I can. Thank you for your kind reply and if you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to reach to me. I’d be happy to help.

    Tim Fields

    • Bill

      Mr. Fields,

      Thanks for your kind words. We really enjoy coming together and talking about Linux. I have high hopes for this show and look forward to putting out our next episode. Please let us know any ideas you may have for topics you would like to hear us discuss.

      Talk to you soon,


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