08 – The Immutable Leo

This week we talk a little about the new flathub.org as well as the winbtrfs project which brings the advantages of the Btrfs filesystem to the Windows world. We also get into the state of things with Wayland as well as Fedora, and so much more.

Also, check out the announcement page for information about our new email address.



4 Replies to “08 – The Immutable Leo”

  1. Matthias

    Thanks for your show. I listen with Podcastaddict on Android.
    I don’t have adds. Is there any other way to support you?

    Kind regards

    • William Houser

      Thanks for getting in touch! I’m actually working on at least one other option. The ads are actually not even bringing in enough to pay for the domain name. I will likely get us on Patreon or something like that. I will let everybody know in a future episode exactly what I end up going with. Put patreon be a good option for you, or do you have any other preference? I’d like to get some input from the community.

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